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Where to find old tube radios? Answered

I am looking for old tube radios to collect and/or restore for fun. I have so far checked most of my local thrift stores about once a month for a while and I also checked a lot of local antique stores but found there prices to be ridiculously expensive for a beat up old radio. Now I am stumped as to where else to find these beutifull old radios loclaly, because the shipping for the heavy tube radios from E-bay can get incredibly exspensive as well. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to get them? I have already asked both my grandparents and my imediate family is keeping and open eye for them. Also if anyone knows of any good stores to buy this type of stuff in the DC/MD/VA area then I am open for that to.



10 years ago

Look in small ads / phone books for "house clearances". These are services where when someone dies, the family / Executors get a 3rd party to clear the property of everything in it - they'll either have to pay for this (full of rubbish), or the house-clearer will pay them based on the value of the contents. These people will probably come across such things now and again, you might get a reasonable price in return for a quick sale if you let them know you're interested. L


10 years ago

Yeah the antique shops will be overpriced for sure.

Watch for auctions, especially those selling whole households of older stuff, look at the listings, and if they have a LOT of things like old dishes, or furniture, etc. and maybe only one or two radios listed, you MIGHT be able to pick it up fairly cheaply (the main body of people being there for something else). BUT if it lists old radios as a main section to be sold......they will have a lot of people bidding on them....the price will end up high.