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Where to obtain parts? Answered

So, I pulled this piece from an old back massager and I wish to build something special for a deaf friend. I have a couple more motors from old game controllers that I'll be scavenging too, but I need some more materials for the rest of the device. Anybody know where I can obtain the circuits and other parts to build a music visualizer (not arduino or anything requiring programming)? Preferably free or the very least free?


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4 years ago

I want to build a website dedicated to just this; to building things out of recycled tech.

For example, what if you could look up a product and see all the parts people have used from it and which projects can be made with it.

I think this would be extremely helpful as I find myself extracting things from tech wishing I knew what someone else had done to it.


4 years ago

and two more motors!!

Possible parts borrowed from the nixie tube instrucable

15x 470 ohm resistor
1x 780 ohm resistor
14x 1k ohm resistor
1x 1.1k ohm resistor
4x 1.6k ohm resistor
1x 2.0k ohm resistor
9x 2.7k ohm resistor
4x 3.9k ohm resistor
1x 4.7k ohm resistor
4x 6.2k ohm resistor
1x 7.5k ohm resistor
2x 8.2k ohm resistor
170x 10k ohm resistor
8x 11k ohm resistor
4x 15k ohm resistor
2x 20k ohm resistor
2x 33k ohm resistor
4x 56k ohm resistor
2x 100k ohm resistor
14x 220k ohm resistor

2x 250k ohm potentiometer
1x 25k ohm potentiometer
15x 2k ohm potentiometer

14x 100uF electrolytic polarized capacitor
14x 4.7uF electrolytic polarized capacitor
18x 1uF capacitor
13x .1uF capacitor
8x .01uF capacitor
4x 1000pF capacitor

23x LM358N dual op-amp
1x TL3472CP dual op-amp (higher output current)
28x TS3704 quad voltage comparator
14x MJE340 NPN transistor
14x 1N4148 signal diode

24x 8-pin DIP socket
28x 14-pin DIP socket
1x stereo 3.5mm audio jack


4 years ago

can you explain what you need? What does the visualizer do


Reply 4 years ago


I'm actually using this as my inspiration, the device itself will use the motors as a way to create a tactile sensation of the music played. So she can feel the music as she is deaf. I sing at work and she can "hear" me when I do, and enjoys it when I do. I wanted to give her a way that she can "hear" it more.

The circuits though in the instuctable above make the thing rather large so if there's a way I can streamline some components and make it smaller that'd be great.


4 years ago

If you go back a couple centuries, the trending "music visualizers" were called color organs and they were mechanical in nature. Somewhere in my home library I have a 60 or 70 yr old book on the subject...

If you search for it, a passel of analog circuits pop up, which would be the easiest way to replicate one without programming.