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Which Phonograph/Gramophone models created the BEST sound fidelity & quality? Answered


I am designing & building my own record cutter, and phonograph player.

I am trying to track down which Phonograph/Gramophone models were known to have produced the greatest playback sound quality & fidelity?

Specifically, which diaphragm design & material, and what kind of reproducer (sound box) design provided for the greatest playback fidelity.

Are there any knowledge around which model(s) were known for this?

To elaborate a bit, I'm designing and building my own phonograph recorder & player, but using modern materials. No electrics (still driven by a spring motor, and no electronic sound amplification), but I'm happy to use modern materials.

As such, I'm going for the greatest playback fidelity possible, and I figured I'd start by looking at the best designed reproducer (sound box). If anyone has a better material and/or reproducer (sound box) design, please share? Thank you so much!



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