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Why does Instructable bar move over page numbers blocking access? Answered

After looking at several pages, an Instructables 'bar' show up and blocks bottom line / photo of projects. Then, blocks page numbers so I have to either reload pages or go to a project to 'reset' it. Big hassle. I this something that's just a part of the WEB site or other?





8 years ago

I had the same problem while using internet explorer, so I downloaded firefox (free) as a second browser, and using this solved the problem.
Alternatively if using internet explorer, click on the page icon on the top right of the toolbar, select  zoom, and change the setting from 100 to 125.
I found that doing this put everything back in it's place, although a little larger, and it stayed in place even when changed back to 100.


8 years ago

Different monitors have different resolutions. Different resolutions give different sized pages and different sized pages give different layouts.

Programmers do their best to make things fit all pages/layout etc. but sometimes things don't quite line up right.

So it's a bug.  You might help things if you took a screen shot and posted it in the forum area under "BUGS".

Also post what os and browser you are using that might make a difference.