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Wiimote signal through an internet connection? Answered

Has anyone ever tried sending the signal from a wiimote through an internet connection (using a laptop at either end with bluetooth capability) to sync up with another wii?



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11 years ago

I'm not sure anyone has done it, mostly because it would be easier and cheaper just to buy another Wii, but if you want to do something wacky like try to play non-network two player games over the network, you might be able to do it.  Here's how I'd go about it:

1) Use something like WiinRemote or WiimoteConnect to capture the wiimote's signal on the far end. (The far end=the one without the Wii)

2) Run something like VNC or just Windows Remote Desktop on both computers so the one on the far end is controlling the one on the near end.

3) This is where it gets tricky.  You can't simply turn a computer with a bluetooth receiver into a Wiimote. You'll have to use some programming and some electronics know-how to take the signal on the near-end, get it out of the computer and trigger the appropriate signals inside a real Wiimote so that it can send the correct data to the Wii.  This isn't simple and there's not a lot of information on this on the 'net.

Practically you probably don't want to play a game this way over the 'net.  Unless a game is made to be played on the 'net the amount of lag in seeing and controlling a game makes playing a game incredibly hard and not fun at all.