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Will a mixed-capacitor bank work? Answered

If I have an assortment of capacitors - all different voltages and farad ratings - and wire them in parallel to make a capacitor bank, will it work? Any comments or suggestions welcomed.



Best Answer 9 years ago

You would want to sort them into their voltage groupe, Because if you have a 10uF 10v cap and a 470uF 400v cap, the cap bank will be limited to the 10v rating or you will blow the cap. Mixing the farad values is okay, it's just the voltages that you need to worry about.

the judge

9 years ago

the voltage of the bank is equal to the lowest voltage and the capacitance is just the sum off all of them, but if u want to maximize the amount of energy u get from them, this formula is what u need
joules = volts * volts * farads (not microfarads) /2
i was making a capacitor bank for my coil gun and i had a group of 450v and 330v about the same capacitance each. the amount of energy in a capacitor goes up exponentially with more voltage, when i calculated it , it turns out that a 450v has about double the energy of a 330v (assuming they are charged to that voltage) so i went with the 450v