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Will my 4 month old Pomapoo adjust to this new Westie Pekingese? Answered

Hi everyone!
I have a 4 month old Pomeranian Poodle mix. He's a nice boy sometimes, but seems to have a lot of stress issues, mouthy with teething on our ankles, pants, and barking at early hours of the day, like many young puppies. While he may bite us sometimes in a playful way harder than he should, he never growls and snaps or snaps at all. We have had this pup, Charlie for over 2 months now. When he went to the vet he seemed to like the other puppies a lot last month.
So.. We were looking at a 9 week old half West Highland Terrier/ Pekingese pup, much calmer in nature than Charlie's mix. This is also a definite lap dog, something hyper Charlie has never been. We have put a deposit down to get the puppy as my husband and I have fell in love, however we wanted Charlie to meet him first. So, today we had Charlie meet the new puppy. We held them most first, just letting each other get used to the smells of one another. Then we put them both down while I stood close to the smaller one incase Charlie bit him (which I was not expecting and he did not) (BTW Charlie is now about 3 times the size of the little puppy but Charlie is still very small about 6 pounds) Anyway, Charlie was not interested. He was panting, put his back to the puppy, then looked at the puppy. The puppy wanted to play so bad. Charlie began barking at the puppy then growling quietly. This made me very nervous so I picked the puppy up. 
I really want to get the puppy and felt like Charlie would have a play mate, but now am having second thoughts contemplating if my spoiled bratty PomaPoo Charlie will ever be nice enough to this new mellow pup?

Advice would be great or similar stories!



3 years ago

Before thinking about another one it might be a good idea to train the first one properly ;)


Answer 3 years ago

My question was will he adjust, not a matter of if my first one is trained properly. My first one is completely potty trained, knows many commands such as sit, stay, come, and lay down. His problems are within teething (normal for his age) and his attitude which is due to stress.


Answer 3 years ago

In that case all should be good anyway.
Once they sorted out who the boss is there should be no real dramas with little dogs.
Sure some get a bit fuzzy when the attention is devided between two dogs but as said: They will sort it out quickly.
I found that it is often best to give some the time and space, meaning instead of caring24/7 for the two leave them alone for a couple of hours every day.
This will force them to bond and play with each other instead of chewing your furniture.