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Will my iPod automatically download its content to a new computer when I sync it, or- Answered

So my old faithful 'puter gave up the fight. I've built myself a new rig, and have iTunes installed and my account set up again. If I sync my iPod to the new system will it automatically transfer the music files back onto the PC or do I need to install my old HDD and manually transfer the source files onto the new system? Thanks. Cheers! Zok



10 years ago

No, there are copy right protections in place, Itunes won't let you do that, because you could just go to your friends computer and download your music on their computer and share (god forbid) it with them.

However, there are ways around it, which is good since in your case, you are only trying to get your music back. Here is a link to an instructable that shows you how:


Answer 10 years ago

Thanks. I ended up jacking my old hdd into my new rig and transferring the files over and then synching the ipod (erasing the existing and dl'ng the files). Cheers.