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Wireless Relay Light Control Help Needed Answered

Attached is a diagram of basically what I'm thinking. The goal is to
have multiple relay switches in a point to multi-point setup with a controller as the primary link back. The relays would have lights attached to them. So basically I want to be able to connect usb into the main controller and send a signal to the relays for example send a 1 code relay number 5, so the switch closes and the light turns on and set the time for 3 seconds then send a 0 code to shut it off. I am brand new to these types of products so my question is... based on this information. Where would I start? Are there particular modules that i will want to use? Are there any sites where I can purchase the modules already configured for what i want? I tried googling the idea but I'm not sure what exactly to search up. Ive tried things like. Point to multi point relay network. My goal is to be able to plug any kind of light into the relays like simple two prong led lights or an led light strip behind each of the relay switches, and connect to the main control board and use serial or ssh or some interface to send a command to the relay to turn the light on. Eventually I would like to write a script to automate the process of send the command to turn the light on. Then randomize it, such as, relay 2 on for 3 seconds/off, relay 6 on for 3 seconds/off, etc. Additionally, aside from the basics that I need to get started on the right track, How is power controlled? Does the relay have an onboard battery or do i need to put into the loop a battery that when the loop closes the light turns on? Any help with pointing me in the right direction is greatly appreciated. I am just not sure where to begin and I don't think my search parameters have been accurate enough to help me find any similar type projects to help guide me.


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