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Wireless Webcams Answered

Ok after having a murder next door and a neighbor pulling a gun on another neighbor I've been thinking Homesecurity. I want to just set up a series of Webcams always streaming to my computer that i can just hit record at a moments notice, any suggestions



6 years ago

I think the most reliable solution would be to purchase a security camera system. But, if you are looking for a DIY solution, I think you can purchase software which will record input from security cameras.

I am not sure where to buy it or what to look for, but it might give you an idea.

If I were you, I'd be too afraid to live there anymore. Is everything ok now?


Reply 6 years ago

I only have to live another year here, to finish my AA, before i can move to get my 4 year Bachelors, so far there have been no threat to my own life just everyone around me. Which is why I made this topic, right now ihave my HD camp pointed at the door and at the ready to record at a moments notice but I'd like more options