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Wiring Multiple Turbines and PVs Answered

Just a little worried... how do ya'll go about wiring multiple power sources together? I have been long under the assumption that your solar array will only put out power of the weakest panel. If I come across 3 different 12v panels, that have differing amperages, and have a wind turbine on a 12v car alternator, that ranges in power output, how can I wire these to make these most effective? Is there a charge controller out there that can manage multiple power sources?
Pardon me if this is stupid. I just cant seem to get off the ground with these simple questions.

i guess the most effective q to ask is:What do you do to wire multiple power devices of different outputs into a single battery bank/ grid tie system?

Thanks so much for all yall's brilliant help.


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9 years ago

to wire your wind turbine and solar panels together you will have to do it in parallel, so start will all your power sorces will have to have blocking diodes on them to prevent power from the batterys or other power sources flowing back into them.next you need to wire them all in parallel to do this connect all the positive wires together and all the negitive wires together this will give you one output will the same 12volts but the current will be the sum of all of them added togethere.
e.g. a 12 volt solar panel making 2 amp plus a 12 volt wind turbine wind turbine making 5 amps will have a combined output of 12 volts at 7 amps.

hope i could help