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Wiring Two Ports on a Phone Battery Bank in Parallel? Answered

If a power bank claims that each port on it can charge a device at 2 amps, if I connect both ports together in parallel, am I able to get 4 amps? Or would it be just like trying to double the voltage off of the same battery, and not work?
I have an Intel Compute Stick, which requires 3 amps to run. However, battery banks that provide more than 2.1 amps per port are super rare.
Would it work to wire them in parallel?



2 years ago

Make your own power bank?


2 years ago

Your problem is the USB specification which does not really allow for more than 2.1A per port ;)
So your stick is either designed for USB3 ports or does not comply to the standards.
Some chargers provide 3 amps but usually this mean 2.1A plus 1A.
The charger itself does not care which port you use as a voltage on the datalines tells the device how much they can draw.
Without that the port will provide what it can because the power control if you want to call it that way is done by the device and not the charger.


Answer 2 years ago

The intel compute stick has a micro usb power supply that provides it with 3 amps. I realize this isn't a standard, and am also confused as of why Intel decided to go that route, but they did, so we can't do much about that.

The question is, if the 2.1a plus 1a is added together via parallel usb port, will I get a true 3a?


Answer 2 years ago

You can only try but the apadpter would be operating at it's max level.
I doubt it will work for long without overheating or failing.
One other option would be to use a beefy 5V supply and to add USB port to it....