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Woodworking, Craft, & Design classes at 3rd Ward in NY Answered

3rd Ward, an art facility in Brooklyn, New York, is offering a wide range of classes for our upcoming summer session! We have everything from basic woodworking to jewelry making to furniture refinishing to digital design. Some of our classes this summer include...

How to Make Crappy Stuff Awesome - Learn the basic concepts for creating furniture and other useful objects out of recycled and found materials for little or no investment.

Cuttlefish Casting - Learn the ancient technique of small scale mold making and bronze casting using the fossilized backbone of a cuttlefish!

Screenprinting - Learn how to set up a screen printing "lab" and make prints in your very own home.

Spaces are limited so make sure to sign-up ASAP!
For more information and a full list of classes, check out http://3rdward.com/classes



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