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Word file corrupted? Answered

My word document has just flipped and the page looks squashed and margins
are not visible. All new documents are the same and I can't put it back to as it was.



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Best Answer 5 years ago

If your word file corrupted, apply micrisoft internal function for such situations-

1. Open Microsoft Word from the “Start” menu of your computer if the program or the computer shut down while you were working in Word. Word often re-launches automatically after an unexpected shutdown such as this, but, even if it doesn’t, when you reopen the program, any recovered files appear in a recovery pane on the left-hand side of the screen.

2. Click on the file that you want to recover in the left recovery pane and the last saved version of the file comes up. If the last saved version was AutoRecover and not saved by you, the next time you try to save the file, you are prompted to enter a new name for the file.

3. Enter a file name if you would like to save the recovered file under a new name. Navigate to the original file location, click on the file name and press the “Save” button to save over the original version of the file if you are certain that the auto-recovered version is the most recent version.

As alternative solution might be effective next:

http://www.filerepairforum.com/forum/microsoft/microsoft-aa/word/1416-word-file-empty-corrupted - might be a good decision for recover corrupted word files.

http://www.word.repairtoolbox.com/ (Word Repair Toolbox) - free-to-try solution, usually helps very effective, when another methods didnt work.


5 years ago

Looks like the default template has been corrupted.

1. reload word and start again

2. Re format a page as it should be and save that as the default template.