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Wordpress Woes - "Sorry you are looking for something that isn't there"? Answered

I recently scrapped my old website layout and went with Wordpress to manage my content. I installed it in the root directory, so at www.redtorope.com rather than www.redtorope.com/blog

I want to add some static pages, in a directory under than, for sake of example lets call it www.redtorope.com/test/. Any file that I put in there used to be visible, but Wordpress has taken over and since it doesn't have that URL in its database it redirects the user to a "nothing found for _____" page. How can I stop it from redirecting to that page and allow me to have a few static pages (not like normal pages that wordpress lets you publish, I want to show someone a test design for a website I designed for them). There are ways I can get around it, like hosting on a different server, but this is bugging me now so I want to solve it.

I'm guessing my problem is something to do with the Permalinks settings in WP or perhaps my .htaccess file but I'm not sure what terms to use in google to get my answer. Any suggestions?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

. First thing I would check is permissions on the directory and files. Make sure everyone can read and appropriate groups can write.