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accelerometer controller Answered


I’m making an accelerometer (3-axis) that I want to be able to work in some programs and games.

I haven’t built any tech´s before. Hehe so plz replay with easy words.

There are some tutorials out there which are based on an old game controller and stuff. But I want to do my on an Arduino board with a USB connection or wireless connection.

Here is a tricky part, I want it to fit a cube chassi that is around 7-10 centimeters, I haven’t done it yet so that’s why I put it to 7-10 cm because I have still time to make it bigger or smaller.

I don’t know much about the wireless connection and battery to make these things.

I know I’m sounding like someone that doesn’t have a clue about these things and it’s true, I want to learn it and make this controller.

If someone can tell me more about this sort of project or tips me to a tutorial or something it would be excellent.


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