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knex challenge Answered

Attention all knexers!! I have seen so many guns, ball machines, and soda machines that I want to build but cant because i have a "low" amount. So I want you to build a gun ,ball machine ,or soda machine (you could build all if you want to) with out going over this amount of pieces:

1 white
2 green
6 gray one-slot
15 orange
19 red
25 yellow
46 blue(3D)separate
57 gray (3D) separate

7 white
10 green
10 yellow
32 blue
48 gray
87 red

2 tan clips
5 y-clips

well that's about it i also have many rubber bands so for that i'm good.
if you can make one please make an instructable on it then put a link on this topic
thanks to anyone who posts on this i will sub to them!!!


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