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brainstorm earphone craft ideas! Answered

ok so im not the only one that has tons of pairs of broken earphones. we go through them like crazy. and i dont have the heart to throw away these nice pair of skullcandy smokin buds... so i was thinking of trying to come up with something to do with broken earphones. so what do you guys think? i was thinking about some sort of necklace/bracelet or some other accessory, i had an idea of somehow wiring them up through my hoodie in replace of the drawstring... but im not sure on how to do it. any more ideas? i know someone could come up with something


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11 years ago

Instead of a hoodie, thinnk about putting them inside the liner of a coat. You could have them come out buy the collar to be place on your ears to listen to the MP3 player in your pocket, and when done a little pull down from the bottom retracts them back to just coming out of the collar area. Just a thought.