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can an unused dish type satellite antenna be used with a digital converter box and an old tv? Answered

i see that people are making their own tv antennas and opting out of cable and satellite service, so I was wondering if there was any way I could utilize a no longer used dish type satellite antenna that sits on my roof with a digital converter box and an old tv to get free tv and not have to pay for an indoor antenna....?  And if so, how would I hook it up?  Thanks




7 years ago

Thanks so much for your suggestions! :)


7 years ago

If your objective is to have lots of channels, and no monthly bill.... then you should get an "FTA" (free-to-all) satellite box and a 3 ft dish. I have one, and i get about 200 channels and have no monthly bill. I don't get HBO or any channels such as on cable... but they are interesting to watch. 80 percent of the channels are foreign... but sometimes interesting anyway. the other 20 percent are mostly christian channels or other religious channels. there are several NEWS channels such as al-jazeera, RN(russian news), and PRESS-TV. Just those 3 are worth the effort to get your own FTA satellite tv. The religious channels are such as AMAZING FACTS, CORNERSTONE, AMAZING DISCOVERIES, THE CHURCH CHANNEL, TBN, .... and etc. The system costs less than 200 dollars to get into this hobby and a search of ebay for "FTA" will show you what is available.


7 years ago

I think you would be better off to buy an antenna that will fit your specific area. They are not very expensive. If you have stations close by, you can get by with just a basic unit.
Because antenna's are fine tuned for the signals they receive you will get the best reception if you get a manufactured one. Weather you need a converter box will depend on the broadcasts in your area. By law most stations switched over to HDTV, and in my experience cut the stations I could receive in half because the range is much less than the old analog. But some areas have rebroadcasters that still use the old signals. (Otherwise I would not get anything at all). So a little research into what you need for your area and you should be able to do what you want.