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can anyone know the way to make an electric piezzo drum set using game pad ? -gaurav solanki Answered

i have made the piezzo drum triggers .but the problem now is that how to connectit to the computer.i want to use it with fruty loops.. and don't want to use the drum module...?


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11 years ago

 in order for you to connect your pads to the computer you WILL have to use a module, there is no way around it. I found that the best module for that job is the Alesis I/O which retails for about  $159.00  it has inputs for 10 triggers which is plenty  for most people, the Alesis also allows you to use double zone triggers  (ie. snare+rim or ride cymbal bell+edge) also the Alesis main job is to convert your trigger sounds into Midi signals and connects to your computer via USB which makes it Ideal to use with Fruity Loops or tons other programs that accept Midi as their input. On top of that the Alesis comes with a lite version of BFD which is a Midi drumming software. you can also get Superior Drummer and have a great sounding set and best of all no latency since the Alesis handles the transfer of signal and not your computer's sound card.  for video examples check You Tube Alesis I/O + Addictive Drummer. listen to how awesome the drums sound.