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connect my usb webcam to my tv wireless? Answered

I have a usb webcam and i need to connect it to my tv wirelessly through usb to rca cable as i am making my cctv camera. please help.also my tv is not a smart tv. it is a sony trinitron tv .


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5 years ago

It's not all that easy.

For $30 you could buy a chrome cast that will cast your screen and many other things to your HDMI TV.

For about the same price you could buy an IP camera that will connect to you router and hence your PC screen. Again getting it to your Tv is a problem, many PC's have an HDMI out put these days. Your trinitron may have problems with that.

If it has a scart plug it will have video input on that plug for a wire connection.

As I say It's not that easy especially to do wirelesly.