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electric micro kart Answered

I want to build a micro kart with a range of 10 miles at an average speed of about 5mph, with a reverse function. Iv been looking at blogs and Instructables for micro karts and DIY electric longboards hoping to directly copy the basic components of another project however all the projects iv found are for high speed machines that often need a bump/kick start and i need something that will happily run at consistently low speeds without an assisted start. I don't have the electronics knowhow to work out what combination of motor, battery and ESC i need but from what iv read it sounds like i might need an outrunner (?) type motor which is apparently good for low speeds and high torque.
Iv been looking at the Turnigy motors on the Hobbyking website as they were recommended by a few blogs, i tried posting this question on their forums a week ago but got zero response. Could you take a look at their motor selection and recommend the appropriate combination of parts?



5 years ago

Why not salvage what you need from an electic scooter or wheelchair?
You get the electronics, the regulator and motor you need.
Maybe even the tyres...
The more modern ones also have a reverse function.


Reply 5 years ago

Iv thought about it but I'm worried about the weight and the cost, all the electric chairs iv ever seen are incredibly heavy and I haven't been successful in locating an affordable 2nd hand one to strip of parts (the combined cost of new parts work out less expensive than 2nd hand chairs iv found). If you know where I can look for one to scavenge please do tell...

I forgot to mention this in the original post but I'll need to be able to carry the kart, preferably one handed, when it isn't in use so if possible I'd hope the weight wouldn't exceed 13kg (28.6lb)