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i am currently working on a project that requires energy harvesting ,so i decided to use electromagnetic induction for the purpose. However I can not decided how to design my magnet and coil combination. All i know is i want 2.6-3.3v and 26mA for round about 4 ns.

The setup in brief required a movable permanent magnet and a stationary coil. The moment of the permanent magnetic is like a oscillating pendulum just for once but with a sleed of say about 15km per hours.

So can you please suggest me how should i start designing.

thank you



4 years ago

Pretty much what Downunder said (build and test your coil/magnet combo to figure it out) but use a capacitor and a zener diode to smooth and regulate the voltage.


4 years ago

The output voltage of the coil depends on many factors like:

number of turns for the wire
core material
diameter and lenght
and last but not least the strenght of the magnet together with the distance from the coil

The best way IMHO is to simply wind a coil onto a suitable core and test it.
If in doubt you can use more turns, add a rectifier and voltage regulator for 3V.