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grid tied bicycle generator Answered

2 questions about grid tied bicycle generators: 1/ will they feed into the grid if voltage is lower than the grid voltage? 2/ could you connect several bikes to one inverter to feed into the grid? thanks?



7 years ago

Yes, you can easily do this. You just need a battery bank. This allows you to input into your grid easily and with little hassle. Search ebay and you can also find a converter box for less than $100 that lets you put power right back thru your wall socket. Using a battery bank, charge controller and one of these cheap boxes will do exactly what you want to do.


8 years ago

You need a higher or equal voltage, think of it as a tire, if your air tank has 20psi and your tire has 30psi you cant get the to 20 into the 30. Voltage is like pressure, Amps is the other measure and doesn't really mater, as Amps are just the amount of airflow, so if your tank is at 50psi and has a 1mm hose it will not let much air through, but if it is 1in you will have a higher flow. To actually do this just get an AC voltage multiplier that takes your voltage above the grid's that you call your electric company and ask for and say it is for your, or your kids science project.


9 years ago

1) will they feed <strong><u>IN</u></strong> to the grid --- once they are wired into the grid --- they <u><strong>are</strong></u> grid tied ------- however if the power your generator produces is lower than the grid ------ then you have turned your generator into a motor and it will spin up until it meets the hertz the grid runs on (60) or burns up your generator --- what ever comes first.<br /> <br /> 2) yes you can hook up the bikes to the grid with an inverter -- they would have to charge up a battery or be boosted with a transformer, but then again ---the cost of the equipment and the time you spent to accomplish it would far out weigh any benefit you might receive from it.<br />