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having trouble gifting a membership - pointers please? Answered

I have done this several times all ready, but the procedure seems to have changed a bit, or i am just doing it wrong.  Can someone guide me through the process, I have several gift codes to give away, and several teachers/artists in my area are certainly deserving.  Thanks


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Go to www.instructables.com/you/

Then click "Pro Membership"

Copy the pro code.

Ask your friend/teacher/artist to visit https://www.instructables.com/payment/redeem

Tell them to paste the code in to that box while logged in. That will redeem the pro membership.

Or do you want to do it anonymously?


Answer 9 years ago

No its OK they know. They have seen a lot of my instructable postings via facebook and have inquired about doing there own. Thought since I seem to have gathered a fair number of memberships, why not give some away. That way people new to it will have a better time with it the first time around.