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hello, I need your help how do I sell my bearded dragon and what is the best price? Answered




8 years ago

If you wish to sell your bearded dragon it depends on its size, age and condition. You can have a older but small bearded dragon that isnt going to grow any more and you wont get payed as much as if you had a large full grown bearded dragon.


9 years ago

Depends how old he is The prices range from 50-100 dollars. A one month old dragon is 40 dollars. so see how old he is and such Note however that you didn't say if you are selling the equipment to take care of him with it. If you are you can catch alot more money. You probably still know what the price of that equiptment was so add that and then put some money of that number based on how long you used that equipment. I would go for E-bay or a reptile store. The reptile store is probably not going to be to keen on buying instead of selling but you can always try