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hiI want to learn how to program in PBASIC better, but I am not shoure how to go about it. any ideas? Answered


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8 years ago

There are a few things you can do to learn PBASIC better:
1) Go through the pdf "What's a Microcontroller." It is a good place to start with programming when you have no previous knowledge. You will need to get all the parts which are available from the Parallax site in this pdf's kit form OR you can buy all the parts individually using the list on page 354. Your choice. However, one of their other kits might do just as well as you still need to buy some sort of Basic Stamp 2 microcontroller. This pdf comes with the Basic Stamp Editor software.
2) If you already have a BS2 mcu then I suggest and have already gone through one Parallax's books or pdf's then I suggest progressing on to "StampWorks." It covers a lot of ground and you will learn most of the essential features of a BS2.
3) Use the Parallax forums for ideas.
4) Brainstorm ideas and figure out how to build what you want.
5) Use Instructables for ideas.
6) Take a simple project that somebody has made with a different mcu and make it with the BS2.

By the way, Solarbotics sells a relatively inexpensive BS2 model called the Stamp Stack II. Make sure to get the BS2 version and not the Stamp Stack II-SX version. Make sure you have the proper USB to RS232 converter. Parallax makes a version of theirs which can also be found at Solarbotics here: