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high-powered op-amp standalone amplifier Answered

I've been having trouble finding examples (on instructables or through google) of using a high-powered op-amp as a standalone amplifier, like the 2x10 watt or higher ones available at TI and such. Yeah, there's always the datasheet applications section, but those will only get you so far, there's always little electrical quirks and anomalies to account for that may not be obvious to me (as an undergraduate computer engineering major). If anyone could point me toward an article or two, or even better, an instructable, I'd be very grateful. Thanks. p.s. is that Epson ad crashing anyone else's firefox?


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12 years ago

. Try searching (here or your favorite search engine) for things like:
  "audio amp" +schematic  "audio amp" +diagram +"op-amp"  "audio amp" +tutorial
. When you run into a rough spot, ask a specific question.