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how can i build the carnival game called "bank a ball"? Answered

There's a carnival game called "bank a ball" and I really wanna practice to master it. The only way to do so is to build my very own "bank a ball" , but i have to idea how to. I was wondering if someone could please list the necessary steps, materials, and procedures to build this game.
(video of the game, how to win/play)



8 years ago

this is what you need to do. First, go to a Michel's or Lowe's and pick up an easel, it should be around $10 or $11 dollars. Second, get a 3 by 3 board, make sure its very skinning or the easel wont hold it. Third, go to Super Target to get the some plastic balls like you would see at the six flags game bank-a-ball, it should be in the baseball section around $5 dollars or $6. Fourth, set up the easel in your backyard or garage, then find a plastic bucket or something that's a good size to fit under the easel like the ones at six flags, then put the bucket 2/3 under the easel. Fifth, lean the easel back to a 80 or 75 degree angel, then step 5 or 6 feet away from the bucket a get the plastic balls and practice. P.S. i would put a stick in front of yourself to make sure you don't mess up and get to close.


9 years ago

i know how to build one if you have knex


10 years ago

It would only make sense if you could exactly replicate the game at the carnival as differences in ball weight etc matter. However, I used to work the muzzies as a kid and they over-inflate the ball so that it bouces easily. Try it with a football and blow it up hard and you'll see what I mean. Then the bucket is at an angle so that along with an over-inflated ball it has the most chance of flying out again. As with cricketers and basketball players you can spin a ball to influence its path. You can spin it left or right so that when it hits its target the spin will cause it to fly in that direction. You can also spin it up and down. Up and you will increase the chance of it flying out but spin it down and you will cause it to deflect downwards sooner than it would have done thereby increasing your chances of keeping it in the bucket. So the short answer is spin your ball down and to one side; this will deflect the ball down and as the sides of the bucket are effectively longer than the side facing directly down you will increase your chances of success significantly. But don;t forget to throw with just enough effort. The tip above won't work if you whazz it hard. So by all means get a bucket at an angle and an over-inflated ball and practice; but remember this will only give you practice for your set-up but it is experience nonetheless. You will notice the vendor watching you closely. If he suspects you know how to increase your chance of winning he will only allow you to win one item and tell you to move on.


10 years ago

Well I don't believe it would be too hard, but the ball and basket would need to be the same. The thing that makes the game so annoyingly hard is that the ball bounces out so easily is what I find, so to master it would just take a very light underarm lob, and a bit of practice.