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how can i make a reusable compact hand warmer? Answered

i need it to last for a while and hen be able to heat it up. It also has to be thin and compact



10 years ago

  • Get some Sodium Acetate, put some of that stuff in a few zip-lock bags, then seal the zip-lock bag with another one.
  • Then put the bags with some Sodium Acetate into a pot of boiling water.
  • Wait for all of the crystals melt, then take the bags out.
  • Then let it cool.
  • Disturb the bag to crystalize the the liquid Sodium Acetate, this will give of a lot of heat when crystalizing.
  • Then put the bags with crystalized Sodium Acetate in a pot of boiling water.
  • You can repeat this process over and over.

10 years ago

You could get some nichrome wire and run it through a pair of gloves, just hook it up to a 9v Battery. btw, you can buy nichrome wire online, I got mine from Ebay. But you can also get some from a hair drier or an old toaster. its the heating element.