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how can i make an arm mounted lightsaber? Answered

i know that an arm mounted lightsaber is just an overglorified lightsaber casing made by making a gauntlet that holds a force action lightsaber and then having a hand lever that pushes the button thereby making the lightsaber extend and light up and then the said hand lever goes back to its original position and locks into place. thereby making a cool hidden lightsaber effect but I'm stumped on how to make the gauntlet itself



7 years ago

if i may. to make the gauntlet. i would use blue camping foam matts from walmart and buckle straps also contact spray adhesive. that all should work. now just a clever way to put it all together. i would try making the arm part first and build a a chambering that houses the light-saber blade. kind of like assassins creed hidden blades. thats the best i can offer. hope this helps. also try looking for a new intractable i mad. https://www.instructables.com/id/Star-Wars-light-saber-Pool-noodle-Prop/ this link might help you get an idea. since the light-saber i was using has a pin mecanizame to extend the light-saber