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how can i make something crispy in the microwave ?? Answered

see i was trying to make mini egg rolls in my microwave and they came out kind of soggy and didn't taste as good as they do when i fry them or bake them so i wanted any ideas on how to make things made in the microwave crispy?



Best Answer 10 years ago

dont know if this helps, but when i have left over pizza, i put a little/ tiny amout of oil in a frying pan, heat the pan while he pizza is in the microwave, maybe 1 min on full, then put soggy pizza from microwave into hot pan, for about 1 min. this crisps the pizza nicely, a lot quicker than an oven. this also work well with meat pies/sausage rolls etc


10 years ago

If your goal is to save time, try cooking the egg rolls most of the way in the microwave and then saving them in the refrigerator for later. When you are ready to eat them, give the egg rolls a quick browning on the stove.