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how do i connect two pc speaker to create one? Answered

Hi everybody, that's the first time i ask a question here so forgive me if i write something wrong. So, as the title says, i have a project in my mind: i recently found two trust speakers for pc (a bit old, one has about 4 years, the other a bit more). Unfortunately their "chassis" are broken, so i was thinking about creare one bigger system, with the two system link together. One has 2 speaker (if i read correct they are 4 ohm and 5 watt) and the other one has 4 speaker but i don't know ohm and watt because I have not completely dismantled it. I'm quite ignorant about electronics and similar things, but i have all the tool for doing it. But if you tell me it's not possible i stop immediately. I hope you answer me, goodbye. And sorry for my bad english, i'm italian...



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5 years ago

I'm just guessing this, But I think you might be able to measure the Ohms of a speaker using a multi-meter, Right?