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how do i download music onto my sci phone?? it came with a card but i don't know how 2 use it HELP!!!!!!!!!!!? Answered



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11 years ago

(I am assuming that you mean memory card, and not SIM card.)

You should have a USB cable to link your phone to your computer.

Do that, look at your computer's file manager, and your phone should turn up as an external drive - you can then drag and drop files over to it exactly as if it was a pen drive.

It is possible that, with an older PC or an unusual phone, you might need drivers to make them talk to each other. They will be on any CD that came with the phone - put it in the CD drive, and simply follow the instruction that appear. They are fairly noob-proof. If you did not get your phone new, and the CD is lost, find the manufacturer's website and look for drivers to download.

Failing that, you can always pop the memory card out of the phone and use a standard card reader to get files onto it.