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how do i update a very old imac that is currently running mac os 9.2 to osx tiger for free? Answered

plz help it was running osx tiger before then the person who gave it to me reset it to os 9.2 has all same things but its not able to run it 
-thnx northern magnet



Best Answer 9 years ago

your going to need to find a copy of tiger. stick the disc in the computer, and install. its pretty easy.

There is not a way i know of the update for free, legally, without the disc or a disc image.


Answer 8 years ago

after i did that the mac wont load it gets stuck after the home screen now the disk is stuck in there now : (


8 years ago

This is probably too late for you, anyhow, if you hold down the eject button while the mac is powering up the disc will eject - just keep your finger down until it does. You may have problems with the optical drive if it doesn't read the disk. Also when you hold down the option key you should be able to select the drive to boot the imac, I hope this helps if it's not too late!