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how do you screen print with more than one color? Answered

I want to know how to make a screen print and also a screen printer. The screen printer has to be hand made and cheap to make. It has to look like a proffesional did it like shepard fairey or someone like that. I also want to know how to make it with more than one color. Also i would like to know how to do it on a shirt. If you know how to do that you are the awesomest person in the world.


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11 years ago

If you just want a rainbow effect you can do a "split fountain" -- that is, just put several inks adjacent to each other on the screen and let the stripes bleed into each other. If you want well-defined colors, you need to do multiple passes, letting each pass dry before printing the next The simplest way I know of to do this for shirts is to use tape as a hinge for a transparent sheet of plastic that can be flipped in and out of the printing area, do a print onto that, and use it as an alignment guide for each subsequent print. Even so, alignment won't be perfect. It's usually better to design your screens so colors will overlap rather than risk leaving gaps. That does require that you consider which colors will print well over which other colors. CAVEAT: It's been over two decades since I last did a multicolor T-shirt run. Don't proceed just on my memory -- or if you do, test the process on cheaper substrates and/or "junk" T-shirts before attempting a serious production run.