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i have a mister fish lamp. the top part mists and the bottom part makes the bubbles and lights i Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

That is nice will you sell it to me ??


Answer 7 years ago

really?? it really is awesome

jenmar77Jack A Lopez

Answer 7 years ago

okay, my bad, it is an aquarium(octagon) about 4 ft high on pedastal and on top there is a dish u fill with water and the light there heats the water so the tank looks like it is misting or fog, there is also a light below it that lights up the fish tank, there are 2 pumps, 1 to mister to keep water flowing and the second(obvious) for the tank, sorry i am sooooooooo late, mom has 4th stage dimentia and had to be moved to a care facility

Jack A Lopezjenmar77

Answer 7 years ago

Thank you. It is kind of you to reply. Also I am sorry to hear about your mom.

So now I know what you meant by mister fish lamp. It is aquarium with mister, and with lamp too, I guess. 

If you still have a question to ask the Answers forum, about this aquarium thingamajig,  or whatever,  feel free to post a new question.

And somebody will look at it.  It seems to me it is the new (recent) questions that get the most attention.