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i live in an apartment and want to compost but dont have outdoor space to do it any help? Answered

i want to compost in apartment but how that is the question



10 years ago

use a styrofoam cooler and lots of worms you get at the bait store, the small red worms I think work best. They will break things down and it shouldn't stink if you don't overload it...I saw this once on a website but I cant remember how I found it...


10 years ago

Ooh...good question.!

I guess the answer (from me) would be a qualified yes.

And now that I plugged "indoor composting" into the search engine, I find that the answer is absolutely yes.

Instead of accidently advertising one mfg over another...her's the search link I used:


Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, companies have developed odorless indoor composters...go figure...that was why I qualified my yes...I have a plastic coffee container (old Folger's coffee "can"...though not really "so" old because it's plastic) and when I forget to empty it, especially during the winter, it can get downright rank, and I could only imagine that on a larger scale..."There goes Mrs Magilicutty...Her apartment reeks!"

I guess the basic methods of indoor are outlined at sites like
http://journeytoforever.org/compost_indoor.html, so if you want a DIY solution, it might be a good starting point for understanding the technology.

My spidey sense also tingles as I type, suspecting that Instructables already has articles for DIY indoor composters.

Finally, yes, this was too long...seems I can't help but writing long posts.
Anyway. hope the link helps you find what you're looking for.


Answer 10 years ago

BTW, by "empty it" above, I meant into my outdoor compost pile, and veritable land of the worm that takes all of the leaves that drop from my two 100 fot tall nut reees and handful of smaller trees and reduces them to an inch thick pile of worm droppings every year...