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i need tattoo ink? Answered

I found a design and a tat. machine (homemade) and I need tat. ink. if you got any recipes I could use it would be great


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9 years ago

Tattoo Den Ink
The answer for this is some what correct and i'm not saying that you can't use that for ink I just wouldn't recommend Jail House Ink or Home made Tattoo Machines. Seriously I have been doing Professional Tattooing for 12yrs and I've seen it all. We Do Sell Professional Grade Tattoo Supplies if you are interested. Seriously why go through all that when we have it to a exact science.. www.tattoodenink.com


10 years ago

tattoo ink is made from Soot.
  you will have to burn some vasaline or baby oil, collect the soot, and dispearse it in gliserine oil + water.
  It takes ALOT of soot to make a useable amount, BURN BURN BURN!!! dont be lazy! I have no idea what quantities to measure out as I learned to make Ink in the Texas prison system. ( I was an actual tattoo artist BEFOR I went to prison ) and Ive done quite a few tattoos with this methode w/o infections ect.

1.   cut the bottom off an aluminum can, turn it upside down. this will be the resevoir to contain the baby oil ( or vasaline) you intend to burn.

2. make a wick. ( yeah, just like a candle wick) you can use a thin strip of cotton cloth ( towl,  t-shirt whatever ) also youll need to build a support to keep your wick VERTICAL. a piece of wire is fine. just bend one end in such a way that it forms a base that will rest in the bottom of your aluminum resivoir, with a straight pin about an inch long sticking straight up. thread your wick onto this pin.

3.submerge the intire wick in the baby oil, then stand the wick up in the center of the resivior.   ( it is important to saturate the wick BEFOR you light it, or the wick will not "smoke"... this "smoke" is the soot you are trying to collect for ink.

4.  make a soot trap.
       your soot candel will get HOT use a metal pot that is DEEP.
   just place the pot ( bottom side up) over the soot candel . elevate the pot a little by slideing somthing narrow under the rim of the pot. ( anything. popcicle sticks, erasers. ect...)do this so that the candel flame can get the oxy it needs to burn.

    check the candel about every half hour or so.
      handel the pot with care. it will likey get hot. when the resivoire gets low on fuel, SNUFF THE CANDEL.  then replenish the fuel. THEN relight the candel, replace the pot as befor.

6. collect the soot.
     look inside the pot....see all the black stuff ?.....thats the soot you want...
Use a common playing card to scrape to soot onto a sheet of wax paper ( wax side up ) the more soot you have the better. roll the wax paper into a funnle and
pour it into a clean plastic sqeeze bottel ( from the beuty supply or craft store )
then drop in a glass marble ( to help mix the ink befor each use )

7.  In a seperate bottle mix distilled water and glycerin oil
         2/3 water
         1/3 glycerin oil <-( available in the skin care isle at the grocery store )
       shake well and add to the bottle of soot a little at a time until the mix is free flowing ( the glass marble in the soot bottle will speed up the mixing and should remain in the bottle.
8.  it is a good idea to "pasteurize" the ink in a hot pot or double boiler but isn't ABSOLUTELY necessary.

9. its much cheaper and faster to just go to the art store and buy some black
  ink....just look for the health seal on the bottle .I have used " Higgins " brand and "Pelican, black magic" for years with no problems. just don't tell them you are tattooing with it or they wont sell it to you.


11 years ago

I use Carters Drawing Ink. It should say "pigmented" on the bottle. I have tats done when I was 17 that are still nice a clear, not fuzzy at all. I'm 47 now.


11 years ago

Just buy it.  That way it should be clean, and proper for skin.  Any recipe you use may or may not work.

Why not just get it done by a pro.  If you mess up you can't erase it.