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i want to build my own amplifier for my car to power my sub. i would a 300 to 600 watt rating any ideas? Answered

I have a small background in electronics and i would like to build an amplifier for my car to power my subwoofer. i am having trouble coming up with a schematic that would work. i would like to accomplish 300 to 600 watt rating and i would like all solid state components if possible. i dont care to much about size as long as it fits in my escort. and i dont care to much about cost either do you have any ideas?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Designing a power amp from scratch with only a small background in EE is not easy at all. I've worked as a professional EE for 25 years, and doing power amp design still freaks me out ! Better find a decent off the shelf design, or a kit - Velleman do a really nice amp like that for about 22 dollars. I know, because I bought one last week :-)) Steve


Answer 9 years ago

I would be really concerned that it would end up turning your music into terrible quality. The tolerances on audio equipment are pretty tight.


9 years ago

 300 to 600 watts would make you go deaf.