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matrix maybe Answered

see if found online that they have envented a extreamly wierd type of computer that works on matrix like codes which is kind of wierd so what else do you think needs matrix type codes for machines


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13 years ago

I'm not sure what YOU mean by "matrix like codes", but matrix math ("linear algebra") is a major branch of mathematics, used extensively in physics and computer graphics (among other things.) You hit it in spades about the 2nd year of college if you're in a major that uses math.
The graphics card in you computer probably qualifies as "a weird type of computer that works on matrix like codes"; it's pretty common for every pixel in an image to involve several stages of matrix multiplication.
There was a Recent article in Embedded Systems Design Magazine that goes over some of the basics from "ground zero" if you're interested.
Support for matrix math in computer languages is quite old (and for some reason seems to be less common now than it used to be.) It was pretty common for mainframe BASIC implementation (1970s?) to have matrix operations, and they were CORE to APL (late 1970s.)