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mythbusters motor cannon Answered

on mythbusters the made a tire shooting thing similar to an automatic piching device with two wheels that rotate in the same direction and you push the ball into them and it flies away i just wanted to know if anyone had made one would have been good for launch it


The wheels have to rotate in different directions and you need a ramp to feed the balls in between the 2 wheels to get the ball to fly in a fairly accurate direction.

Correct about the rotation....that reminds me of a company (I can't remember the name now but they were an engineering based co. ) that spent a lot of money to have a logo made for them, and what they got and used for awhile was the picture of 3 gears all meshed with one another. Talk about embarrassing when someone pointed THAT one out to them LOL

Hehe! Big companies are always spending way too much money on logos, the London olympics committee spent over £1 million on the 2012 Olympics logo-it looks terrible and the animated parts caused somepeople to have epileptic fits!! Even the Mayor of London has called it 'the No-go Logo' and to top it all off a man made a better one at home in 10 minutes on photoshop!!

Oh I found it and I was a bit mistaken:

Go here and scroll down to see:
Educational researchers at the University of Saskatchewan chose this logo to symbolize cooperative learning.

The second pic appeared in The Physics Teacher, 34, Dec 1996. p. 471.

And the last one I found from the year 2002, and graphic designers are still gearing up for gridlock. The picture on the left, from Hitachi, shows six gears in a closed loop, which would have been just fine, if they hadn't put that last gear in the center, meshing with each of the others. [From the "Backspace" page of PC Magazine, Sept 3, 2002.]

A Logo Mistake.gif7gears.jpg

Oh yes!! It is good to see that someone is exposing these obvious faults-to anyone with half a brain. I hadn't noticed the mistake on the 2 pound coin but it just goes to show how stupid these designers at the treasury.


11 years ago

I have a small one that came as a kit to launch paper aeroplanes - two bog-standard 3V motors, wired in parallel to a battery pack, each with a solid rubber wheel, about 4cm diameter fixed directly to the shaft.

The motors stick through grommets in a sheet of plastic, and it's good for most shots (it will fire an ordinary paper dart the length of my school's hall).


Like this one or this one.


11 years ago

I seem to remember that theirs came as a kit...