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need help with high power LED light array drivers? 20x10watt running on 12vdc in car Answered

i want to build a led light array for my 4x4 im thinking somewhere around the 10w mark not sure weather i should get the 12v ones or the 4v. fabrication and cooling i can manage my question is about the drivers..

can i use a buck-boost dc-dc converter as the driver? i understand they will even out the voltage thats caused by engine cranks and charging.. roughly 10-15v change. i plan yo use about 20 leds, yes i want it to be super bright and i realise that it will get hot. but i dont want to be spending to much per led on drivers, factoring in that i need lens's for each aswell. so i was hoping to run a few leds on one driver/buck the save some coin.

a company called xmitter make something similar but they charge something stupid for them




9 years ago

You want proper drivers for that wattage.