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need ideas for a sailing kayak Answered

hello everybody with the weather getting warmer down here in the south eastern U.S. my friend has invited me to go camping/kayaking with him and his family i have been kayaking with my friend's family before and had a great time but when we would race kayaks the girls (my friends sister and her friend) would always beat us (the guys) unmercifully mainly because the girls had the 2 person kayak and therefore more people power now this time i need a secret weapon and while i was thinking along the lines of torpedoes and surface to surface missiles i eventually ruled them out due to the danger aspect but then i got the idea i was looking for you see the objective is to get from point A to point B before the opposition not destroy the opposition then get from point A to point B at my own pace so i decided i would need to be able to travel at a faster rate than the girls so what i am thinking of is a sail now here is the challenge i am unable to make any modifications what so ever to the actual kayak so strapping a outboard motor on the kayak is out this leaves me with the idea of making a sail out of a few tent poles and a tarp but since i do not  know much about kayaks i need to know these things

1. how can the sail be anchored to the kayak without damaging or permanently altering the kayak in anyway
2. any ideas on how i can steer i have a few but i would like to hear yours

also i have looked at the project sailyak by zigzagchris https://www.instructables.com/id/Project-SailYak/ 
and while this is helpful i need more specifics as mentioned above

thank you,



8 years ago

Don't use a sail, use a power kite - no need to do anything to the kayak, and you'll be able to hide it until the race.


Reply 8 years ago

you have me intrigued oh man of kites please explain what is this power kite you speak of