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paintball co2 tank hose to pressure washer trigger gun mod Answered

I like to know how to adapt a paintball gun tank hose to fit a pressure washer trigger, & make what's know as a CO2 spray gun or Cryo gun. Personally, I just wanted to make a Dalek fire extinguisher gun.


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5 years ago

In short you can not do that.

The effect you are looking for will not work with a "paint ball" style co2 unit, but with a siphon tube liquid co2 tank. Most co2 tanks do have liquid in them the tanks with the siphon tube pulls from the bottom of the tank to push liquid out first. You could also turn a regular tank upside down, in theory, but would have to build some sort of a stand to hold it up.

But the paint ball tanks not only do not have a siphon tube they also typically have a very very small amount of liquid in them partially by design if you were to fire your gun upside down you don't want to use the liquid but also because they are so small.

Now if you were to get a larger tank from a welding shop you are only half of the way there. Yes you will need to find the appropriate fittings to adapt from the co2 tank to the gun but again by design these are hard to come by and most hardware stores will not have them, i usually use hydraulic supply shops and rarely welding supply shops will have the right fittings. You need to pay attention not only to size and thread pitch but the fitting style (they need to be both rated for the high pressure and the extreme cryo temps) use brass and not aluminum or steel. If you use a flexible tube those need to especially be cryo rated. As normal rubber or even poly braided hose drops in temp it become brittle and while i have used stainless braided hose in a pinch after 2 - 3 uses they crack and if it were to crack you would get a full dump of liquid co2 which can freeze anything it hits quickly. Keep in mind the liquid co2 will fill the hose all the way up to your gun

Always keep safety in mind and don't imagine your self at a buddys house running around with this thing i guarantee problems. When we use cryo we set the whole system up and strap it all down and put up barriers so no one hits the fittings, they get very fragile when so cold. when pressurizing the system you are putting several hundred psi of liquid co2 in the lines and when it escapes to room pressure it instantly boils causing condensation of the surrounding liquid in the air making the cryo plumbe. If you spray people with this it can really sting and even try to suck the liquid out of things like their eyes and freeze it as the co2 boils.

All in all you can do this build with a 45# tank and 10ft hose and you would be looking at just under $500 to buy everything maybe $300 if you can rent the tank. Make sure you have a second tank around because the co2 does go quickly and you may want a second.


6 years ago

Just a matter of finding the right fittings to adapt the small diameter of the c02 canister to the diameter of the sprayer. Take the items you want to combint to a hardware store and they can help you find a good series of adapters to make it all work.