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paracord bracelet d shackle Answered

Hi, I've made a few paracord bracelets mostly with the plastic buckles. I bought some stainless d shackles and wondering if there are any dangers using the shackles? Mainly getting the bracelet caught on something. I would think the plastic buckles would break, where the metal d shackles won't. I see a lot of bracelets with the d shackles.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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4 years ago

As with any jewelry you have to be aware of inherent danger when wearing it. With the plastic buckles, the paracord braid is held relatively flat and provides a bit of looseness around the body. With metal D-rings, the braid will slide on the end and bunch up into a thick round cord. You can cinch the paracord too tight and will essentially become a tourniquet. It might be difficult to back out or cut loose when rigged up that way. So yeah, adult wearers will have a different awareness than children who might need to have that safety buckle.