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parsererror when trying to add photos Answered

We have been trying to publish an instructable for my daughter in the toys contest (and time is fast running out as we have just got our internet working after a technical issue since yesterday!) and when we try to add a photo we get the following error message:

There's been a problem updating your Instructable
SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal

Any idea wha's causing this.. she has been working so hard on her entry and now can't submit it!


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9 years ago

mm, seems it's not just when trying to add pics. We just tried to do it without the pics and as soon as we tried to add a step, we got the same message. Even tried doing it through my account but the same thing happens.


Reply 9 years ago

According to email correspondence with an Instructables staff, there seems to be no cure for a "parsererror", except to delete the entire Instructable and completely set up a new one.

I find this drastic remedy kind of irritating, as the posted date is, with some of us, a kind of a modest accolade for our innovative work.

So far, two of my Instructables are barred from further editing, by this "parsererror" bug.