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phototransistor for high voltage Answered

Before the begining sorry for bad english

I want to make laser tag with electric shock when hits

This is circuit of taser
what I want to do is remove the switch and replace with wire so that the taser can charge automatically
then I want to put a phototransistor(that react to red laser) to the poles(where you get shocked when touch them together)
but because the both poles are attached to bodies the taser can't be charged so I tried to block one side of pole with phototransistor
but when I touch the two poles phototransistor burned(?) and I got shocked
in this case what can i do?


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6 years ago

1. Using a taser that way ishigly illegal.

2. Why would you want to connect the photo transistor to the HV output?

3. Get a simple lasr tag kit and add a relay on the output feedback (lights, sound) to activate the taser.

4. Use it and get caught and you are in a lot of trouble.


Reply 6 years ago

1. This taser is not that strong so i think there is no chance I'll get caught

2. Because the taser takes time to charge but in laser tag we can't shoot photo transistor for 1 - 2 sec so i put photo transistor to the pole so that taser can charge automatically and get shocked whenever hit by laser

but it ended up with blowing up photo transistor that can't hold out high voltage

3. I'll try relay

4.That won't happen I guess..