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question/advice on led Answered

I'm wanting to externally light my lcd screen on my metal detector for late evening use. There is no room to do it internally. I think I would need two leds for enough light probably. I am gonna add a small plastic box on the top of the lip/sunshade that sticks out above the lcd screen and have the led/s going out the bottom of the box and through hole/s drilled through the lip/sunshade. I'd like to have a small push button toggle switch on top of the box to turn the leds off/on. I saw some leds at radio shack that was already in a housing with a built in resistor, not sure what size though. I'm new to leds, I've read a tutorial on them and understand the basics, the main question for now is what color leds would probably be best to do this? I was thinking that white may glare too much, the lcd screen has a thin clear protective screen over it as seen in the pic with the item identification symbols, depth,sensitivity etc. Hope somebody can help with the led color that would probably work best, first of all. Then I'll go from there. I'm going to radio shack today to see if they know what they're talking about when it comes to my project,doubtful, lol. Oh, and the detector uses 4 AA batts(6V)...obviously. I'll check back later to see if anybody has any recommendations that may help me out. Thanks!!!!!


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14 years ago

Red might be good if you don't want to loose night vision, but you may not be able to see red things on your screen..