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real time operating system ? Answered

Is window  a real time operating system ?
If answer is no then what is meaning of " window as real time operating system

I don't understand what is meaning of window as real time operating system

Is window ce is different thing ?


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6 years ago

Interprocess communication for real time operating system

Interprocess communication is process of operating system that allow one process to communicate with another processes

for example - email , chatting

that means we can send message from one os to another

shared memory - it can be in the form of shared memory
queue - it can be in the form of queue
mail box - it can be in the form of message

I don't understand what is shared memory queue mail message
can someone explain little bit what is interprocess communication for RTOS


6 years ago

When you use a real time operating system it schedules event in a predictable way. Normally a computer manages the load and just does things as fast as it can. So when you run an application it my take 1 second to do an operation and 2 second the next time. I just use seconds as an example chances are operation are going a lot faster then that. With a real time operating system it will take the same amount of time each time you do it. This is important for timing when dealing with some events. This is a good write up


Most of the time we will never notice the difference when using normal applications. Here are a few examples



some info on Solaris


Not knocking windows just don't know what options they offer. In reality unless you are dealing with very fast events chances are your applications will work just fine. For example the rate you type no matter how fast you go is slow compared to your systems ability to process the input and put it on the screen.


6 years ago

Real time = things happen as fast as you need them to.

Windows standard, no, Windows CE, better.